10 Top Tips for Caring for your Bra April 21, 2018 08:22

Classic Intimates at the Bra Shop, formerly known as Woods of Morecambe, has been selling Bras in Morecambe for over 50 years.  We, therefore, know a thing or two about why you should look after them and how.

So why would you take extra care of them?

They last longer - let’s be honest, good quality Bras don’t come at a throwaway price.  We, therefore, want to get our monies worth from wearing them!

Also, if you don’t care for your bra, it will lose its elasticity and when that happens it no longer fits or supports you as it should with all the risks you then face from wearing an ill-fitting bra. It will also soon look shabby, faded, jaded and certainly not ideal for a romantic weekend away.

So, what are your top tips for caring for your Bra?

  1. We suggest you don’t wear your bra more than two or three days consecutively to fit in nicely with our recommended washing regime. This will help your bra last longer and avoid losing its elasticity. 
  1. Wash them often. Preferably don’t wear them more than two or three times without washing.  If it is Sports Bra then you may prefer to wash them after each use as sweat and bacteria are not great for your Bra (or your social life!). 
  1. Hand Wash only to avoid your washing machine damaging the elasticity. We know it takes a bit longer but it will pay dividends in the long run. 

  1. Fasten the clasps up at the back before you wash to avoid snagging other clothing. 
  1. Use cold or warm water – avoid hot water as it can lead to colours running and fading. 
  1. Wash dark colours separately to avoid the colours running. 
  1. Use a detergent designed for delicates. 
  1. Air dry your bra (drip dry). Don’t wring out the Bra or use a tumble dryer to avoid damaging and misshaping your Bra. Some may say don’t use a tumble dryer for padded bras but we say don’t use them at all! 
  1. Keep your bras facing upright in your draw. Don’t place heavy clothing and items on top of them to avoid crushing and misshaping the cups. 
  1. Your Bra doesn’t last forever even though you may cherish it like a comfy pair of old slippers. Over time, it loses its elasticity and therefore won’t fit comfortably or offer the support and control you need. We recommend you Bin the Bra to help in the fight against Breast Cancer.

If you would like further information about Bra Fitting or Bra Care then please call one of our lingerie experts on 01524 426611 or email us at customerservice@classicintimates.co.uk.