Why are so many women wearing the wrong Bra? June 28, 2017 12:40

The Daily Mail posed this question in this recent article about why so many women are wearing the wrong bra size.

There are lots of reasons which can include:

  • You may be wearing a Bra that doesn’t provide the level of support and comfort needed or is simply of poor quality and not up to the job.
  • Your current bra losing its natural shape through wear and washing. They don’t last for ever!
  • Your Bra straps are not adjusted properly.
  • You have had fitting advice but the advice has recommended the wrong style or size. We see this regularly in our shop.
  • Changes in body shape over time may mean that your current Bra no longer fits properly.
  • You may have chosen a new Bra based upon a current bra you have that fits well. However, if you are changing brand or style then the sizing can be totally different.

Is it important to have a properly fitting bra?

Yes, very important, and not just for comfort. As scientists at Portsmouth University highlight it is vital to your general health. Problems frequently highlighted stemming from an ill-fitting bra include back and neck pain, headaches, pins and needles, sores from straps and even IBS!

Can I tell if my Bra doesn’t fit?

If your Bra doesn’t fit then your bust may be coming out over the top of the cup, may feel really uncomfortable (which is the same if it isn’t tight enough) or not giving you enough support.  This can be more of an issue when active of course, say during light exercise.

So how can Classic Intimates help?

At our shop, the Bra Shop, in Morecambe we offer a free fitting service with experts with years of experience and training. Experts, that not only understanding bra sizes but also the suitability of certain styles.

This includes providing advice and guidance to those that need larger cup sizes (even up to K cup), have had or are due to have surgery and those needing extra support for sport or other activities.

Importantly, no appointment is needed, so if you are travelling some distance or just happen to be in the area, then you are welcome to pop in for your free Bra fitting.

For those that can’t visit the shop, then our experts will happily provide advice and guidance on the phone.  Talk you through how to check if your bra fits, how to adjust your straps and even suggest certain bras that are most likely to be suitable.

The health and wellbeing of our customers is very important to us, so we will always do all we can to make sure you get the right bra for you that fits, is comfortable and makes you feel great.

You can call us on 01524 426611 or email us at customerservice@classicintimates.co.uk.  You can also reach us via Facebook and Twitter if you prefer.